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Buy variegated monstera plant

 Variegated plants are those with leaves with more than one colour. They may be marked with

differently coloured dots, blotches, speckles, stripes or edges. While these patterns are usually white,

light green, yellow, red or pink variegation is also possible. Buy variegated monstera plant

Variegated Stromanthe is easy to care for, as long as you provide dappled light, high humidity and

keep the soil moist but not wet. Aglaonema commutatum Silver Queen belongs to the Aroid family

and is best known for its huge and ornamental leaves with silvery variegations.

What are the benefits of growing variegated plants?

In some cases, variegation gives plants an advantage over other green varieties. A variegated plant that has a stable, genetic mutation will continue to produce offshoots of plants that also display this genetic mutation. Sometimes, especially among fast-growing houseplants, they may revert to a solid color.

What are some of the most popular variegated plants – What is the best variegated plant

Pilea cadierei or Aluminum plant is the perfect variegated indoor plant for beginners. As long as you ensure plenty of sunlight and water when the soil gets dry, the Aluminum plant will thrive. At its best, the plant reaches two feet in height! It also needs pruning to remain good-looking and enhance healthy leaves growth. Buy variegated monstera plant

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